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Edgeley Green Power (EGP) is a specialist energy company which aims to become a significant supplier of renewable energy in the UK.

We have developed plans for a £20m small scale renewable electricity generation facility on Shoreham Port, in West Sussex. Subject to planning approval, we hope the south coast site will be fully operational in 2014.
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The modern power station will be fuelled by a range of vegetable and plant oils and animal fats which aren't fit for human consumption and that have to meet the sustainability criteria within the Renewable Obligation, a government scheme designed to encourage generation of electricity from renewable sources. Our fuels will be independently audited. We will innovate by using exciting and cutting edge new biofuel developments such as oil produced from algae as soon as they are technologically proven and become commercially viable.

Once operational we will sell electricity to utility companies which will be used to power homes and businesses via the local electricity distribution network.

We align ourselves with all other parts of the UK's rapidly expanding renewable energy industry and fully support the use of renewable energy produced by wind, wave and solar. We hope to be a part of the future of renewable energy production with our proposed development which will provide a continuous and constant flow of energy. This will work well alongside weather and tidal dependent technologies.

Unlike these other forms of renewable electricity generation, we will provide reliable, flexible electricity and heat on demand 24/7, 365 days a year - providing power whatever the weather.

Latest news

The proposed Edgeley Green Power renewable energy plant on Shoreham Port (next to the current Shoreham Power Station) will NOT now go ahead. Read more here

15% of total United Kingdom energy consumption should come from renewables by 2020 - The EU renewables directive 80% The United Kingdom has to reduce its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 - Ofgem's Project Discovery Report 2009